Writing Blog Articles With A Team

September 4, 2018

Writing Blog articles can seem like a tremendous task at times. How do you find the time? Where do you get story ideas? Who can help? Writing Blog articles with a team of other writers may be a solution you can use. In this article I will be referring to an online piece of software that we use to schedule, assign, approve, edit and publish all of our Blog posts across all of our distribution channels. That software is StoryChief.

Writing Blog Articles With A Team Using StoryChief

Sharing Information

Sharing information on your social media channels, websites and email channels can be a big task. Simplifying that process will allow you to achieve your marketing and communication goals. With StoryChief you can accomplish all of these goals very efficiently. This software allows you to add guest writers and publishers, as well as Ambassadors, Influencer's and Press contacts to your platform to help streamline the creative process for your blog.

Watch the video below to see some of the features of the software and a brief overview of how the workflow can be.

Imagine being able to create your story ideas, assign them to a writer, follow their progress to completion and approval. Then with the click of a mouse publish your Blog post to all of your channels at once. Then imagine getting analytics data and reports to see how your posts are performing.

Collaboration is the key.

Collaborating with others to help manage your Blog post editorial calendar and schedule can help you achieve your goals much quicker. Can you do it all by yourself with an Excel spreadsheet and follow-up? Sure, but why would you when StoryChief has all the tools you need to succeed.

Happy Blogging!

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