Busystreet Marketing started out as a resource for our small restaurant in Smyrna, TN. We were overwhelmed learning all of the aspects to promote our restaurant. We needed a website, a Facebook presence and Twitter profile.  We wanted to publish our daily specials to the social media channels and we wanted to send e-mails and text messages to our customers to keep them engaged. We also wanted online ordering for pick up orders. Whew it got us thinking that if we were overwhelmed with these tasks others would be too. So we created Busystreet Marketing to enable other small businesses to do the same.

We needed a website so we created one and in the process also became a domain reseller and hosting account seller. [BusystreetWeb.com]  As we evolved we added Facebook, Twitter & Youtube page management and search engine optimization to our mix. [BusystreetSEO.com] We created a Birthday Club that automated the process of signing people up, capturing their Birthday, E-mail and Mobile/Cell number so that we could market to them in the future.  [OnlineBirthdayClub.com]  We created an E-mail service to send messages to our customers who had signed up to our Birthday Club and send them specials from time to time. [BusystreetEmail.com]  Text/SMS was the next advance for us so we created an online solution for other businesses to use to promote their business with text messages.  [BusystreetSMS.com]  Next we created an online food ordering system so our customers could order online and pay and then pick up their order at the restaurant. [InstantordersOnline.com] We found that many of our online order customers were ordering from mobile phones and we realized how important it was to have a mobile friendly site. We then created a mobile website design and started offering these services to other small businesses.  [BusystreetMobile.com]
These marketing efforts were so successful that we created Busystreet Marketing to help other small businesses affordably offer these services to their customers.  Take a look around at our various marketing niches and E-mail us or call us with any questions.  We can help you increase sales and customer loyalty and perception by creating a customized online marketing plan that fits your small business needs.

That is our little story and we would love to help your small business achieve your marketing goals whatever they may be.